Carolyn Robison: Turning a Page for Library Staff

Behind every great librarian is a great book. No one has read this situation better than Carolyn L. Robison (Ph.D., 1982), who in 31 years at Georgia State’s library rose from circulation director to head of internal operations.

While Robison could afford the books and materials for her doctorate, she noticed that many bright… more »

GSU Parents Get Involved

Family members provide GSU students with scholarship opportunities

Parents of Georgia State University students can put their sons and daughters in line for a $1,000 scholarship—along with extra attention and other perks—by joining the GSU Parents Association.

For a one-time membership fee of $50, a GSU parent or family member gives a student the opportunity… more »

Joseph D. Sansone: Helping Students Breathe Easy

Where Temitayo Ogunsanya grew up in Nigeria, children with breathing problems often live poorly or die for lack of simple resources. “Not enough hands and hospitals,” says Ogunsanya, who graduated from GSU in May 2011 with a degree in respiratory therapy. “If one can stand up and intercede in cases like that when the children… more »

Kathy Berry, GSU Foundation Board Member, Receives Distinguished Alumni Award

In the last four decades since Kathy T. Berry graduated from Georgia State University, the campus has radically changed in appearance.

The unique educational opportunities, however, remain unchanged.

“Being at a university in the city of Atlanta, covering the election of a mayor or governor, that was big,” said Berry, who received a bachelor’s degree… more »

Janet S. and Ronald J. Henry: Banishing a Barrier to Student Success

Which is the most important factor in predicting college success: A) SAT scores, b) high school grades or c) financial resources? If you Said “c,” you’re correct — and just zeroed in on what Janet S. Henry and Ronald J. Henry have known since their own days as students. The Henrys, both career educators and… more »