Enterprising Spirit

Bill and Rita Loventhal: A Leap of Faith That Paid Off

As a Chicago native, Bill Loventhal admits he was skeptical about the advice he received from the director of the Kemper Foundation that he should transfer to Georgia State. “I said, ‘Georgia what?’ I had never been south of Nashville in my life,” he remembers. “But I came down, checked it out, they courted me,… more »

Forensics on the Fast Track: Young Alumnus Henry Swofford

College is, for most people, a place to lay the groundwork for their eventual careers. Not Henry Swofford — his career in forensic science began all the way back in high school.

As early as his sophomore year, Swofford was contacting police chiefs across Georgia hoping to get some exposure to the real world of… more »

The Hankla Award: Honoring One of Georgia State’s Past Leaders — and Rewarding Tomorrow’s

Long before he decided to enroll at Georgia State, Matthew Haddad was exploring the world of science. Occasionally, this caused some problems.

“I used to take stuff apart in the living room, like the VCR,” he remembers. “Made my mother pull her hair out. But to her credit, she brought me more stuff to mess… more »

As Johnny Truong’s Georgia State Journey Ends, Another Begins

Every great student needs a great mentor. Johnny Truong says he was fortunate to have one relatively early on. “I had a really great high school chemistry teacher who thought I could do a lot more than what I was doing, so she sent me off to a summer program for chemistry students,” he says.… more »