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Kellie Smith: Enthusiasm for Georgia State, and a Passion to Serve

Some high-school graduates are apprehensive about leaving their hometowns and heading off to college for the first time. Not Kellie Smith, who started classes at Georgia State just a week after graduating from her high school in south Georgia.

“I just wanted to move to the city and expand my options here. I was excited… more »

Rosa Felix Counts Her Blessings — and Aims to Share Them with Others

To understand the challenges Rosa Felix overcame to attend Georgia State, you can’t just visit her current home in Acworth or her birthplace in California. You have to drive about eight hours southwest of Laredo, Texas, to the Mexican state of Zacatecas, where she spent the first six and a half years of her life.

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A Boost for Tomorrow’s Teachers: Kay Chester

Kay Chester has heli-skied in Canada, raised horses, flown a jet and helped manage a family-owned empire of Harley-Davidson dealerships that stretches from Fort Lauderdale to the Grand Tetons. Yet there’s a part of her that’s always been wistful for a chapter in her life that she never got to fully pursue: teaching.

“I would’ve… more »

Amanda Mordt: Working Hard, With a Little Help from One of GSU’s Friends

Amanda Mordt doesn’t have a family of her own yet, but she’s already getting some experience juggling work, school and raising kids — she’s working her way through college as a nanny for three young children, 8-year-old twin boys and a 5-year-old girl.

“They’re really funny. Sometimes I think they’re smarter than I am,” she… more »

Bill and Rita Loventhal: A Leap of Faith That Paid Off

As a Chicago native, Bill Loventhal admits he was skeptical about the advice he received from the director of the Kemper Foundation that he should transfer to Georgia State. “I said, ‘Georgia what?’ I had never been south of Nashville in my life,” he remembers. “But I came down, checked it out, they courted me,… more »