Scholarships & Fellowships

Georgia State Reached Out to Taylor Briggs — and She Made the Most of It

“I wanted to go to a college where they thought I was valuable,” Taylor Briggs says. “Georgia State offered me the Foundation Scholarship right off the bat — they wanted me to come immediately and become part of the Honors College. They basically said, ‘Not only do we want you, we acknowledge that you… more »

The Next Act of ‘The Andrew Lee Story’ is About to Begin

Strangely for a film major, Andrew Lee says he and his family didn’t watch that many movies or TV shows when he was younger. It wasn’t until he went off to college that he began exploring the world of film for himself.

“I didn’t know where my interests were — I took all my core… more »

After Making His Dollars in Scents, Steve Tanner Gives Back to GSU

Steve Tanner has what’s probably the best-smelling warehouse in America. And while you can’t buy any of what’s inside, you’ve almost certainly got some of it in your house right now.

Tanner, a Georgia State alumnus, is the president and CEO of Marietta-based Arylessence Inc., a manufacturer of fragrances for everything from air fresheners to… more »

Julia Ngai: Making Connections Across Atlanta

She didn’t know it at the time, but Julia Ngai got two clues to her future path in life while helping out with her father’s business as a teenager.

“My dad used to own his own construction business, and my mom’s a banker,” she says. “She would do the finance part of it, gathering all… more »

Marlena Collins: A World Traveler Finding New Horizons

Growing up, Georgia State junior Marlena Collins says her family’s philosophy was “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” Her family took every opportunity to discover new places and new cultures — frequently with Marlena’s grandmother along for the ride. Partly through those trips, Marlena says she and her grandmother forged… more »