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“To be a Welch Fellow is the highest honor I’ve ever received. It’s enabled me to research and work on my art practice without worrying so much about other distractions in life. Georgia State has been incredible – everyone here wants you to do your best.”

-Aryn Rosenbaum,
Class of 2016






Bachelor’s and Master’s
Degree Programs


Degree Programs


The College of Arts and Sciences is at the heart of Georgia State University. We teach the most classes to Georgia State undergraduates, train the largest number of graduate students and drive Georgia State’s ascent as a research university.

We are always working to improve student opportunities. We’ve developed new programs to allow students to get a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in five years in 18 disciplines. We’re increasing our students’ opportunities to study, research, perform and exhibit in the wonderful urban laboratory of Atlanta. And we’re adding new courses with international themes to prepare our students for a global future.

Student success rests on those who teach them and Arts and Sciences students work with a world-class faculty. In the past four years, for example, our faculty has increased its grant funding by 77 percent, despite the fact that the federal government has cut the total number of research funds available.



  • Scholarship and Fellowships

    Provide support for undergraduate and graduate students to pursue and expand their educations.

  • Study-Abroad Scholarships

    Allow more of our students access to a global education, giving them a competitive edge in their fields upon graduation.

  • Research Support

    Expand research opportunities for faculty and students.

  • Endowed Faculty Positions

    Create endowed professorships and chairs that help recruit top faculty and provide funds for research.

  • Program support

    Offer additional opportunities that enhance the student learning experience.

  • Academic Institutes of Distinction

    Support for the new Creative Media Industries Institute, the Gobal Studies Institute, the Center for Humanities and Public Life, and for the fine arts.

CAS Dean


The College of Arts and Sciences — which offers more than 80 degrees in subjects ranging from astronomy to philosophy to more than 15,000 students — is at the heart of Georgia State. We are both the primary educator of Georgia State undergraduates, the largest graduate program and an essential driver of our ascendance as a research university.

The college has also grown in stature as a place of impactful research. We call it “research with a purpose.” To give just one measure of our growth, our federally sponsored research has doubled during the past five years. Our faculty are, quite literally, working on a cure for cancer (and other diseases), discovering new solar systems, combating the recruitment of young people into terrorist networks, writing award-winning novels, and producing new forms of artistic expression through their creative works.

The college continues to evolve to meet the needs of today’s students and society by preparing the next generation of leaders, researchers, creators and teachers.

This innovation and progress benefit one of the most diverse student bodies in the nation. Many universities pursue excellence by excluding people. At Georgia State, we do it by including people. I look forward to working with our alumni and friends to offer more access to ever more excellent programs as the College of Arts and Sciences advances.

William Long’s fields of scholarly interest include health diplomacy, international cooperation and conflict resolution, international political economy and international trade.


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