Legacy Circle

Members of the Legacy Circle are those donors who have included Georgia State University in their estate planning.

Anonymous (24)
James M. and Kathryn Adams
Barbara N. Anderson
Richard J. Anderson IV*
Beverly J. Armento
Janice H. Arsan
Kathleen B. and R. Lawrence Ashe
Richard K. and Carole Babush
J. Fred and Linda Bailey
E. Jo Baker-Henry
C. Duncan and Ellen Beard
Yezdi K. and Perviz Y. Bhada
Kenneth Black Jr.*
Boyd J. Blevins*
W. Frank and Mary Ellen Blount
David C. Blumenfeld and Paula K. Eubanks
Thomas E. and Beth Ann C. Boland
Thomas J. Bremer
Agnes C. Brook *
Louis S.* and Mary F.* Brooke
M. Steven and Gail Brotherton
Bennett and Sheri Lynn Brown
Brian and Nan Brown
John and Gwen Bullock
W. Lee Burge*
Nancy A. Byron
Martha B. Carlton
Almand B. Carroll*
Karen C. Cash
Raymond M. Cash*
Willie Mae Cathcart*
James D.* and Lenora V.* Caswell
H. Vincent and Cynthia H. Clanton
Burton Cloud*
Michael and Donna Coles
Benjamin and Devon Collins
Lynn W. Connolly*
James E. and Patricia W. Copeland
Donald and Geraldine Crane
Robert S. Crane*
John A. and Annie Crawford
Kathleen D. Crouch*
Max M. Cuba*
Jesse L. and Jeanette Cummings #
Bill and Jill Dahlberg
Thomas R. Daniel and Susan Brooks
Kenneth L. Davis*
M. Eleanor Davis*
Malcolm Davis*
R. Means and Margaret Davis
Ralph and Linda Davis
Sam J. Davis
Diane A. Dean #
William G. Densmore*
Ronald J. and Suzanne F. Donner
Douglas W. and Elizabeth Duncan
Betty H. Dunn
Hugh L. Durham
John M. Dyer #
Michael and Anne Easterly
Susan H. and Robert V. Eckert #
Richard A. Elmer*
Norman E. Elsas*
Charles Epstein
Virginia Ezzard*
William E.* and Victoria O.* Farnell
Conrad E. Faust*
Colleen M. Flinn
Patrick L. Flinn
Alfred J. Floda
Thomas and Annie Flournoy
Diane L. Fowlkes
Daniel P. Franklin
C. Elisia Frazier
Alan R. and Angela P. Giles #
Thomas and Virginia Gilmore
Donald S. Gingrich
William and Valerie Goodwin
Emily Graham*
Elizabeth Balliet Grefe
Steven and Katharine Haase
Janice M. Haddrill #
Jay B. Haney and Anne Page Mosby
George M. Harper Charitable Remainder Trust
Irene C. Harrower
William C. and Bebe Hatcher
J. Rhodes and Elice D. Haverty
Melvin Hayden and Lucille Carol Welzant-Hayden
Ronald J. Henry and Janet S. Kettlewell Henry
Catherine C. Henson and Christopher Carpenter #
Carole E. Hill
Kenneth and Denise Hill

Richard E. Hodges Jr.
Tony and Pam Holcombe
Katy L. Hope*
Henry R. Hunter*
Kathryn J. Hunter*
M. Christine Jacobs
Ernest Jenkins Jr.*
Ben F. Johnson Jr.*
Charles B. Jones Jr. #
James A. Kaufmann*
Michael P. Kehoe and Amanda L. Scott
Jack R. and Patricia C. Kelly #
Roland J. Knobel*
Ralph and Marjorie F. Knowles
Frances M. Kocher*
Florence Kopleff*
Keith and Karen Kuchta
Michael A. LaFleur
W. Edmund and Cecil W. Laird
Alice C. Langdale*
Noah Langdale Jr.*
William D. and Florence E.* Lathbury
Waldtraut S. Lavroff
Louis L. Lawson
J. Kenneth* and Loyce H. Lesley
Jay L. Levine*
Kenneth D. and Donna C. Lewis
Thomas C. and Patricia S. Lewis
Edith Daniel Little*
Leigh Anne and Hiabo Liu
Katherine R. Lloyd*
Kevin E. Lofton
William G. and Rita K. Loventhal
Craig and Kay Mackenzie
Kenneth B. and Mary A. Matheny
D. Robert and Michele McGinnis #
Louise M. McGuire
David M. and Sarah H. McKenney
Richard R. and Kirsten C. Meneghello
Elizabeth M. Mercer*
Michael H. and Enid M. Mescon
Ralph C. Moor
Gaylon D. Morris
J. Elaine Murphy
Kenneth J. Murphy*
Lawton and Brenda Nease
John C. and Agnes V. Nelson
Michael R. Neuenkirch #
J. Warren Newman*
William A. Pannell
Carl and Gretchen Patton
Debianne and Robert S. Peterman #
J. Allen Poole
Alwyn V. Powell
James and Barbara Prickett
C.P.A.C. Reynolds and Linda K. Wiant #
Julian F. Rhinehart #
John E. and Marsha L. Richards
Donna J. Robertson #
James and Mary Rowley
William Rutherford*
Georgette A. Samaritan #
Joseph D. and Sara Sansone
Naomi Satterfield*
Carole E. Scott
Geoffrey* and Nancy H. Seamans
Fredrick V. Sherwood*
Kay R. Shirley
Martha E. Sik
David G. Simons* #
Daniel T. Sims and Ronald J. De Shon
Douglas K. Smith*
Louis S. and Evelyn M. Sohn
Howard S. Starks*
Dorn H. and Joanne Swerdlin #
Myrna R. Truitt
Christopher J. and Aileen B. Valianos #
Christopher R. and Elanna R. Valley
William P. Vaughan*
Ronald F. Verni and Susan J. Kelley
Richard and Ardith Vines
Bailey Wade*
Ethel K. Wade*
Leszek Wegrzyn*
Hugh and Linda Welborn
Ernest G. Welch*
Frances Welch*
William B. White #
Alfred Williams*
Ralph and Marie Williams
Kirk and Jackie Wimberly
Rebecca T. Woody*
W. Wayne and Ann Woody
Alice C. Young
Norman E. and Harriet J. Zoller #
Stephen J. and Suzan M. Zoukis #



# New member fiscal year 2013
* Deceased