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A great university needs a great library, and the University Library is both the literal and figurative center of the Georgia State University campus. With its vast collections of print and electronic media, the library provides essential support for the university’s education and research efforts, as well as a social space for the entire university community. And our emphasis on practical, accessible technology means we’re committed to ensuring our students and faculty can access the library’s resources and services anytime, anywhere.

Your financial support for those resources and services has a direct impact on the quality of education we provide at Georgia State. It helps us achieve our goal of combining teaching and research to prepare tomorrow’s leaders to solve our most pressing issues.

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• GSU Fund for the University Library
Achieving excellence as an information center requires funding beyond what is provided for through the state. This fund helps fill that gap by providing high-quality library programs, necessary materials and equipment, and other pressing needs that state funds alone cannot address.

• Library Research Award
The University Library Research Awards recognize Georgia State University students who demonstrate skill and creativity in the application of library information resources for research papers and projects completed in fulfillment of a course requirement. This award supports the overarching goal of Georgia State as it enters its second century: to be recognized as a dynamic academic community where teaching and research combine to produce leaders and create solutions to conquer the challenges of the 21st century.

• Library Innovation Fund
This fund supports funding for personnel in the Georgia State University Libraries and is designed to underwrite creative and innovative experiments in library service. These projects will be funded by those who wish to support creative, collaborative innovation in pursuit of an improved library and an improved university.


  • Margaret P. Mathews, Director of Development, 404-413-3487
  • Mailing address: Georgia State University Library, PO Box 3967, Atlanta, Ga. 30302-3967
  • Office location: Georgia State University Library, 100 Decatur St. SE, Atlanta, Ga. 30303-3202