Every day GSU staff and faculty give of themselves to serve students and advance the university. This week, their generosity is even more notable as the Campus Campaign gets underway. This year’s theme is “Raise Your Hand.” The campaign represents the financial contributions from faculty and staff. Last year, they raised more than $500,000.

This year’s Campus Campaign letter, sent to 3,961 staff and faculty, came from longtime GSU employee and supporter McRae F. “Mac” Williams (B.A. 1970, MBA 1972). In materials for the Campus Campaign, he and five more consistent donors described reasons for giving.

Williams still owns the school record for the men’s shot put, and challenged faculty and staff to keep building the university’s core strengths.

“To throw a 16-pound metal ball takes strength, not just in the arms but the legs and core. Likewise, shouldering the hard work of propelling GSU forward into the future takes many resources,” he wrote. “I’m asking you to go beyond the discipline and consistent excellence that have already built greatness here.”

Five more staff and faculty lent their voices to the Campus Campaign, which carries the slogan, “Raise Your Hand.”

Jeff Walker (B.S. 1983; M.C. 1988), Director of Student Affairs Business Operations, was born a mile from campus, into a family of GSU alumni. He’s worked on campus for 25 years.

“Georgia State University has come a long way since my arrival here as a student almost 35 years ago,” he says. “I am very excited about where we are headed.”

Dhanfu E. Elston (Ph.D. 2011), Assistant Director for Academic Outreach and Support in the Office of Undergraduate Studies, gives because momentum is critical in these uncertain times.

“Working in the area of student retention, I have a deeper understanding of the financial needs of our students as their families struggle to meet higher education costs,” he says.

Fred Mote (MBA 1990), Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration in the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, gives as an investment in the state’s future, and to say thanks.

“GSU has a continuous eye on enhancing the quality of research and academic programs that meet the actual, and growing, needs of Georgia’s workforce,” he says. “Working at GSU was the first time I really felt part of a collective working together to improve on something – the university’s standards and reputation – and it made sense to help toward that goal.”

Dr. Cheryl Jester-George gives because GSU helped her grow. Now the Senior Director of Admissions for the College of Law, she was on administrative staff when ground was laid.

Thirty years ago, “I was given the opportunity to learn, create and grow with the law school,” she says. “I continue to contribute to the Campus Campaign because I believe in quality legal education in the best laboratory — Atlanta. I value diversity. Giving supports this cause.”

Edgar Torbert (Ph.D. 1987), Assistant to the Provost, knows that his donation carries the potential to attract more investment.

“Giving by faculty and staff can be a strong selling point to donor prospects outside the campus, who are impressed by the commitment of faculty and staff to the same cause,” he says.

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—By Michelle Hiskey; Contact Kim Cretors, (404) 413-3424