Alumni Association funds new scholarships for children of faculty and staff
Sons and daughters who attend GSU now eligible for $1,000 grants

Beginning July 27, Georgia State University students whose parents are on faculty or staff can apply for new $1,000 scholarships offered by the GSU Alumni Association.

Applications will be accepted until Oct. 26 for the Alumni Association Scholarship for Children of GSU Faculty and Staff. Applications must be submitted online. Three scholarships will be awarded in December.

“The Alumni Association is committed to creating new traditions and shaping the future of GSU by providing scholarships to present students in this economically challenging time,” said Christina Million, assistant vice president of alumni relations.

“Funding for children of staff and faculty is a win-win because these parents are part of the lifeblood of the university, and we are honored to support their commitment to higher education as well through this new scholarship.”

Because of their parents’ role at GSU, these students arrive on campus with a greater affinity for higher education. Some describe a deep appreciation for the college experience that comes from their parents’ occupation.

“Having worked in education for over 17 years, my mother has gained insight and knowledge about higher education,” said Brittany Jones, a managerial sciences major whose mother, Debbie Jones, is the associate to the director of GSU’s government and community affairs team. “She has always encouraged me to choose a college such as GSU with a challenging academic environment that is best suited for my career field.”

Debbie Jones (B.A., 1992) values the education at GSU that she received and what her daughter is receiving. Her perspective is shaped daily by her job on the frontlines of the decision-making that affects all students.

“I see the amount of work that happens in the background to make education a reality,” she said. “The government and community affairs team works hard to advocate and support GSU in matters that ultimately benefit GSU students.”

While students like Brittany Jones hold a unique connection to GSU, they face a challenge common to all GSU students: paying for college.

“As a parent it has been a challenge trying to meet the expenses of a college education,” said Walter Koch, the facilities project director for the College of Arts and Sciences. His daughter Katie Koch, is a GSU neuroscience major.

“I have four daughters and Katie  will be the third to go to college. As a family we are constantly strategizing and using ‘teamwork’ to meet the cost of their education. I have stressed to my children all their lives the importance of getting a good education so that they can be as independent as possible. As a staff member of Georgia State, I have seen hundreds of examples of how positive and life changing higher education is.”

For Katie Koch, her father’s work on campus over the past decade shaped her approach to academics and career.

“Attending a school where my father works has made me perform and succeed to a higher extent,” she said. “Seeing how happy he is at his job doing what he loves has made me realize that no matter what career I take after school, I want to be happy with what I’m doing. It makes all of the time and effort put into the job worth it when you’re happy doing the work.”

Her dad’s position helped give her a working knowledge of the campus to share with others. “I know if a student ever needs anything, I can either direct them in the right path, or it is a simple phone call away to find out the right direction,” she said.

Applicants must be in good academic standing with a minimum 3.0 GPA in their undergraduate degree. (Children of the scholarship selection committee members and children of current alumni office staff members are not eligible.)

The application includes a personal essay on extracurricular activities and volunteer work in the community. A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s parent employed at GSU is also required.

For more information on this scholarship, contact Dave Cohen at (404) 413-2190, or visit the Scholarship Resource Center in Sparks Hall.

By Michelle Hiskey; Contact Kim Cretors, (404) 413-3424