GSU real estate student Shubham Asthana receives support from university-wide scholarship giving

Shubham Asthana, an M.B.A. student in real estate at Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business, is a recipient of the University-wide Scholarship, which assists students who have unmet financial need.

GSU student Shubham Asthana

Asthana chose GSU based on its reputation. “Georgia State was recommended to me by friends,” he says “The university’s location in the city of Atlanta, where all the company headquarters that I would like to work for are located,” made it desirable, particularly the access to real estate service providers.

Asthana’s father, a builder and architect with his own company, influenced Asthana’s decision to study real estate. “My father’s company provides a better infrastructure for India. This is what my father has been focusing on for all these years, and I will be joining him … India lacks basic infrastructure; there is a huge difference compared to the United States.

“I can take a look at the infrastructure in the United States and take it back to India. This will really help me better envision what I truly want for India.” He hopes that his western education will add a modern touch to India’s real estate industry.

Asthana discovered the University-wide Scholarship while searching through GSU’s scholarships database on the web. “In my application, I wrote about my future plans, civil engineering, studying in the United States and the future of modifying India’s architecture.”

Receiving the scholarship provides vital financial assistance for Asthana. The currency and exchange rate between India and the United States increases the cost for students like Asthana to attend school.

The scholarship is “a relief for me financially. . . . Every penny counts.”

Courtesy GSU’s Scholarship Resource Center