50 Years Later, Another March on Washington — and New History Being Made

Fifty years ago, the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom signaled a major turning point in the civil rights movement. The nonviolent rally by hundreds of thousands of protestors, led by Martin Luther King Jr., put the issue of racial equality front and center in the American consciousness — and helped convince Congress to… more »

Abbey Hayes Kept HOPE Alive — and Now the Sky’s the Limit

For someone who decided against pursuing a business degree, Georgia State senior Abbey Hayes has assembled a pretty nice little empire. In just a few years with the Yogli Mogli frozen-yogurt chain, she’s become the manager of three stores and will soon add a fourth. If all goes as planned, she’ll also graduate next spring… more »

A Leg Up for Future Business Leaders: The Connie and Ken McDaniel Scholarship

When Connie and Ken McDaniel talk about giving back to Georgia State, their gratitude is for more than just their education.

Not that they don’t value their multiple Georgia State degrees — Connie a bachelor’s degree in accounting, Ken a bachelor’s and a master’s — but the school proved to be a major catalyst in… more »

A Georgia State Success Story in the Making: Danielle Grevious

Of all the things new high-school graduates need as they begin their college careers, a friendly face is one of the simplest, yet at the same time one of the most important. Danielle Grevious was fortunate to have one when she first came to Georgia State four years ago, and now, as a university tour… more »