After a Formative Experience at GSU, Luke Gregory is Making it Happen for Others

As the son of two college professors, Luke Gregory grew up understanding the value of education early on. “My parents were on the faculty at Oxford College of Emory University,” he says, “so I watched my parents serve as devoted educators for many, many years — and later in life, they chose to sponsor several… more »

Giving Names to the Fallen: Presidential Scholar William Anderson

Georgia State’s Presidential Scholars arrive on campus as incoming freshmen with more than just good grades. They possess the open minds, creativity, and dedication to hard work and discovery upon which our university was founded. In return, the Presidential Scholarship covers full tuition and fees and provides stipends for living expenses and study-abroad opportunities. Presidential… more »

Philip Seagraves Had Great Professors, So He Decided to Become One

“I’m not sure if anyone has ever had the same professor at three different universities,” says Philip Seagraves. “That’s got to be a record.”

Seagraves first encountered former Georgia State real estate professor Roy Black as an undergraduate at the University of Georgia, where Black was an instructor earning his Ph.D. When Seagraves went on… more »

For Paulita Bennett-Martin, One Incredible Experience Led to Many More

“It was almost like Moby Dick had come to life,” Paulita Bennett-Martin remembers. “I was swimming in the ocean with my husband, and I heard this sound, and I saw the spout of a whale five feet from me. I swam with it, and it was just me and the whale, for fifteen minutes. I… more »