AnnaBoswellLegacy in the Making

Georgia State runs in the family for Anna Boswell. The travel-loving junior wasn’t the first in her family to attend Georgia State. Boswell’s great-grandmother graduated with a bachelor of commercial science degree in 1938. Boswell is a recent recipient of the Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship.

Given her strong familial ties to the campus, you might think Boswell would stay close, but her classes have taken her across the globe to Hong Kong, South Korea and Macau. Boswell’s recent travels included a trip to Europe.

“Europe was an indescribable experience. I traveled alone, taking trains to the countries I went to, stayed in hostels, slept on couches, kept up with my classes and had a great time,” she said.

While Boswell’s travels in Europe helped her become more independent, she says her experience in China helped her in the classroom back home.

“I spent a semester in China, and that experience enhanced my leadership skills and my ability to succeed in a group,” she said. Boswell encourages other students to study abroad for the transformative experience. “

I traveled Europe alone. I have never spent so much time by myself and truly learned who I was,” she said. “I explored my limits, the things I am passionate about, and my social and life skills increased.”

Boswell says her upcoming travel plans include exploring more of the United States while she finishes up her coursework.

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