Business Attire For Students

Posted On September 8, 2016
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Here are guidelines to assist you in selecting business attire that works best for having your photo made. Panther blue is always a great choice!

For women
V-neck, crew neck, or mock turtlenecks are recommended, but collared shirts work well for women, too. Women with long hair should choose a top or jacket that is a different tone from their hair; otherwise the hair and jacket tend to run together in the photo. Suit jacket with pants or skirt or dress.

For men
Collared dress shirts and button-downs are preferred. Shirt and tie or suit, shirt and tie.

Please wear a solid color because patterns and prints can be distracting. Shades of blue and gray are best. Avoid skin colors, pastels, white, black, brown, bright red, green, orange, and yellow.


Some photos will be three-quarters length (not head shots), so please consider that when selecting your outfit. You’ll want your clothes to be ironed and as wrinkle-free as possible.