First day of school

Burning Bright – The University’s Capital Campaign

Few colleges and universities in the country have come as far as fast as Georgia State. We should all take pride in the fact that our university is now recognized as one of the nation’s premier urban research universities and a national leader in guiding students from all walks of life to success.

Our achievements are a product of a 10-year strategic plan introduced in 2011, and that plan continues to drive us in pursuit of student success, growth of a robust research enterprise, development of a dynamic international dimension and an even deeper connection to Atlanta.

The recognition we are receiving shows we are succeeding in our efforts. We are not just saying the right things. We are doing them.

Each year, we’re graduating a higher percentage of students. Each year, we’re seeing fewer students have to cut their college careers short because of subpar grades or financial difficulties. And each year, we proudly support and educate one of the nation’s most diverse student bodies. Those are the true metrics for success at Georgia State.

We are focused on fundraising that will continue to support our distinctive mission and propel us to higher levels of achievement.

Your gifts have already helped us fuel our student success programs, offering scholarship help to students across the university. You help us bring in some of the highest achieving students in the country as presidential scholars and help us keep those who are struggling financially or academically with Panther Retention Grants and Keep HOPE Alive.

You have helped us recruit and retain renowned scholars and scientists who are bringing in record research funding and addressing critical societal problems with their work. They are sharing their wisdom in the classroom, helping to train the next generation of leaders.

And you have helped us strengthen our deep connection to the city of Atlanta, with campus expansion and growth that have benefitted not only the Georgia State community, but the city at large.

Student success. Faculty excellence. Research impact. Campus expansion. You will continue to hear about these priorities as we talk about giving opportunities in the future. We want to build on our record of success and further heighten our trajectory, and we need partners to help us do it.

A commitment to Georgia State is a commitment to an institution that continues to prove its value and impact, one whose leadership and accomplishments have been endorsed by elected officials, philanthropic leaders and national news media, an institution limited only by the resources that can further drive its rapid ascent.


Mark P. Becker