School of Public Health

School’s Never Out for Patricia Oliver

On a beautiful spring afternoon in downtown Atlanta, as students stroll through Woodruff Park thinking about how they’ll soon be done with college, Priscilla Oliver is talking about how she loved studying so much that she chose to go back for additional degrees.

“I didn’t know it at the time,” Oliver says of her early… more »

Lawrence W. Green and Judith M. Ottoson: Public Health “is Part of Our DNA”

Dr. Judith Ottoson’s first experience in public health was working as a home visit nurse in Oceanside, Calif.

“I would to go to people’s houses,” she recalls. “One house after another house after another house. I knew the individual stories in each of those houses.”

She learned about the struggles of the working mom with… more »

Lockheed Martin Funds Ph.D. Fellowship

The Georgia State University School of Public Health (SPH) has announced that Lockheed Martin will provide a $25,000 fellowship for a Ph.D. student to work with child maltreatment researchers in SPH’s National SafeCare Training and Research Center (NSTRC) on the Dad2K project. The student selected to receive the Lockheed Martin Fellowship is Elizabeth Chege,… more »

A Leg Up for Future Business Leaders: The Connie and Ken McDaniel Scholarship

When Connie and Ken McDaniel talk about giving back to Georgia State, their gratitude is for more than just their education.

Not that they don’t value their multiple Georgia State degrees — Connie a bachelor’s degree in accounting, Ken a bachelor’s and a master’s — but the school proved to be a major catalyst in… more »

Better Health for All: The Kreuter-Katz Health Equity Lecture

His half-century of experience as a public health educator and researcher notwithstanding, Marshall Kreuter has never been content to confine himself to a classroom or lab. As a professor at Georgia State, Kreuter used his first grant from the National Institutes of Health to venture into the Summerhill and Peoplestown neighborhoods near Turner Field and… more »

Jessica Ekhomu: Solving Urban Problems

A Gates Millennium Scholar, and recipient of the Max M. Cuba Scholarship, Marshall L. Bowie Scholarship, James L. Maddox, Jr. Scholarship and Ronald E. McNair Scholarship, Jessica Ekhomu says she is “grateful to the donors that have sacrificed their resources to allow me to excel at Georgia State.” As a first generation college student from… more »