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Education gives people the tools to bring about lasting prosperity and a higher quality of life. At the College of Education and Human Development we show students not only how to educate others but how to craft the theories and policy that will make learning more relevant, meaningful and productive. Through seven academic departments that encompass more than 50 programs at the undergraduate, master’s, specialist and doctoral levels, we cover the full spectrum of academic issues and situations, including math and science education, early childhood education, special-needs students, and counseling and behavioral analysis. We also emphasize research that generates new knowledge about the practice of teaching, leading to tangible improvements in the quality of education for children and adults across the country.

Your donation to the College of Education and Human Development is not just a gift, but an investment in higher-quality education, more motivated students and a society with the knowledge base to solve problems and secure a more prosperous future.



  • Student Success

    Increase scholarship and fellowship support for undergraduates and graduates to help students achieve their educational aspirations by bridging financial gaps.

  • Student Experience

    Expand support for students traveling internationally, pursuing internships, engaging in scholarly research and training in the Atlanta community

  • Faculty Excellence

    Establish endowed chairs, professorships and fellowships to help recruit and retain top faculty.

  • Investing in Programs

    Promote investment in academic centers of excellence.



In the next decade, the College of Education and Human Development will advance its reputation for preparing professionals to work in some of our most challenged communities. In doing so, our graduates contribute to the interruption of intergenerational poverty these communities face. The creative degrees we offer provide students with opportunities to apply new ideas and engage 21st century expectations. Most of our teacher graduates work in high-need schools, where they remain for at least five years. This accomplishment is complemented by graduates in human service professions working with families, schools and agencies in those communities.

A continuing strength will be our partnerships with local schools, community agencies, and government entities that provide perspectives on the research we conduct, guidance on the programs we offer, and opportunities for residency training.

We will also continue the support of scholars through interdisciplinary centers that earn high levels of funding from government, foundation and corporate partners. These centers allow our researchers to provide students and community partners with the latest research-based practices.

Paul A. Alberto is a Regents’ Professor in Intellectual Disabilities. His research interests include functional literacy, behavioral instruction strategies, and functional analysis.


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