Create an Endowment

Jan and Ron Henry

Like Jan and Ron Henry (above), many individuals choose to give an enduring gift to Georgia State by creating an endowed fund.

Below is a list of campus-wide endowment opportunities. The dollar figures reflect the minimum amount necessary for adequate funding. Any of these endowments would be enhanced by gifts in excess of the minimum amount listed.

Student Support
 Undergraduate  $25,000
 Graduate Fellowship  $50,000


Faculty Support *
 Distinguished University Chair  $2,000,000
 Distinguished Chair  $1,000,000
 Chair  $500,000
 Distinguished Professorship  $400,000
 Professorship  $200,000
 Distinguished Scholar  $100,000
 Faculty Fellowship  $50,000


* The annual endowment spending allocation from the endowed chairs, professorships and fellowships listed above will be used for salary supplementation and for other professional support, including research of the holder. Generally, the university will pay from its funds such amounts as are necessary to set the salary of holder at a level commensurate with his or her record, experience and position in the faculty.


Other Endowments
 Lecture or Seminar Series  $50,000
 Program Support  $25,000
 General Unrestricted  $25,000


Note: Individual college’s and school’s endowment minimums may differ due to special considerations.