We pursue a dynamic vision built on the hard work, dedication and achievement of people who have propelled Georgia State to where it is today. Our research is broad and deep, addressing critical societal issues and pushing the boundaries of knowledge. We continue to rise to national prominence, bringing in scholars from around the world to open new pathways of discovery and creativity.


“My career has been greatly assisted by the generosity of Kathy and Lawrence Ashe who have made it easier for me to speak to broader audiences on my scholarly focus, which is the constitutional law cases of the United States Supreme Court.”

Eric Segall,
Kathy and Lawrence Ashe Professor of Law

First Day School

“The biggest satisfaction that can come to anyone is when they see their actions making a difference on someone else’s life. One of the ways this action can manifest is in the form of giving. I truly believe in this as I have followed the principle of “Pay it Forward” throughout my life. When many people follow this principle, however small the contribution may be, it will add up to making a significant difference.”

Dr. V Kumar,
The Richard and Susan Lenny Distinguished Chair

Endowed Chair Program

Scholars with national and international reputations are appointed to endowed chairs and professorships. These chair holders initiate and maintain highly visible programs that stimulate research and educational activities with industry and professional associations.

AYSPS portraits Robbie Friedman GiLee

“As a “first generation” college student, my entire academic career –from student to professor and researcher to holder of the Benjamin E. Mays Endowed Chair—has benefited from the generosity of others. Demonstrating and encouraging such generosity has been part of my unique calling.”

Joyce King,
Benjamin E. Mays Endowed Chair

  • National Geographic
    Food Additives Inflame Mouse Guts By Disturbing Microbes
    Researcher Dr. Andrew Gewirtz’s groundbreaking study on food additives’ effects on the gut made national and international headlines. He found that additives bind to the gut and cause more issues than previously explored.


  • The Washington Post
    One Key To a Happier Sex Life: Share Child Care Duties Equally
    A story on sociology professor Dr. Daniel Carlson’s work on how child care duties can affect couples' relationships and sex lives. Carlson found that couples who share child-care duties equally are more likely to be satisfied in their relationships. He has conducted more than 250 media interviews on the topic.


  • Scientific American
    Could An Oral Measles Drug Help The Unvaccinated?
    A story on the promising research of Dr. Richard Plemper , a professor in Georgia State’s Institute of Biomedical Sciences, which shows an oral measles drug could potentially prevent measles in those who have been exposed during an outbreak.



“The university’s three-fold mission of teaching, research, and service is put into practice with hands-on leadership development programs such as GILEE. Yet, what enables such programs to flourish is the generosity of donors who understand that without their support such programs would not be possible.”

Dr. Robert Friedmann,
Professor Emeritus, GILEE Founding Director