First day of school

Parker “Pete” Petit
Why I’m Chairing the Campaign

While Georgia State has an active campus, renowned professors and engaged students, its greatness goes beyond that. Thanks to innovative advising programs backed up by strong scholarship support, Georgia State has raised its graduation rates faster than any public university in the country over the past few years. And those rates are rising across the board, with no achievement gap among white, African-American and Hispanic students. Even first-generation and lower-income students — who traditionally face the biggest obstacles adapting to the college environment — are sharing in this success. And at a time when the cost of a college education is skyrocketing, Georgia State continues to put a priority on making education accessible to everyone.

Think about that. Most of us consider a college education vital to achieving success in life, yet for many students, that opportunity is being priced out of reach. Georgia State provides that opportunity for people of all races, classes and backgrounds — and we, and our students, are succeeding.

The Burning Bright Campaign will showcase Georgia State’s nationally recognized excellence. That is why I am so eager to lead this effort. Every student in America stands to benefit from the amazing things happening in downtown Atlanta, and every person in the country needs to hear about them. When they do, I have no doubt they will become Georgia State supporters themselves.

I know this campaign will be a big job, but I also know we already have a strong case for why Georgia State is worth people’s attention and investment. Now all we need is your help. Help us keep Burning Bright!

Parker “Pete” Petit (MBA, finance, 1973)

Steering Committee Chair, Burning Bright: The Campaign for Georgia State