Georgia State is a national model for student success. We harness the power of data to help our students earn their degrees. We have had one of the most dramatic increases in graduation rates in the country and we have closed the achievement gap, proving that students from all backgrounds can succeed at the same rate.

We offer more than a dozen interventions and programs that provide financial and academic support to our 32,000 students. Our unprecedented approach has made us a national leader.

We use predictive analytics to track more than 30,000 students each day and alert them if they are making decisions that put them off track. Last year alone, the alerts led to more than 43,000 one-on-one meetings with advisers.

We offer micro-grants to students who have unmet financial need, helping them bridge the financial gap when they need it most. To date, we have brought 5,300 students back to the classroom with Panther Retention Grants.

We offer scholarships and workshops to student who have lost the HOPE Scholarship to help them earn it back and continue their studies. The Keep HOPE Alive program has helped raise our HOPE retention rate from 49 percent in 2008 to 75 percent today.

Graduation Progression Success (GPS) Advising Results


One-On-One Meetings Between
Adviser and Students

$10 Million

Tuition Saved In Two Years
With Early Interventions


Increase in Degrees Conferred
Since 2008-09


“My mom had the choice of either paying the mortgage or funding my last semester of college. I ran out of the HOPE scholarship because I double majored. The Panther Retention Grant helped me take the financial burden off of my mom and bridge the gap.”

Elijah Watkins, Class of 2015


“Georgia State…shows contrary to popular belief, students from all backgrounds can succeed at high rates and that dramatic gains can be made even amid the context of constrained resources.”

Dr. Timothy Renick,
vice provost and vice president of enrollment management and student success,
in testimony before a U.S. Senate panel.